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Teaching Korean HapKiDo

 A Self- Defense Street Mix Martial Arts

Evolving No - Non Sense  Techniques With

No Referee and No Rules

The U.S. HapKiDo Academy is an exclusive Martial Arts School that teaches Traditional Korean Self-Defense. We teach the self-defense martial art of HAPKIDO.

HAPKIDO is one of the most effective and practical martial arts that concentrates in self-defense techniques. It is hard to find a "DOJANG" (Korean word for "a place of training") that teaches true and pure HAPKIDO.We teach one of the few martial arts that focus on techniques similar to Sport Mix Martial Arts with emphasis in real life street applications with no rules but the desire to survive at any cost.

We are certified by the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation (USKMAF) to teach HAPKIDO in Nashville .

We are a martial arts academy that teach people from the ages of 16 years and up this powerful and most effective system of self-defense. We welcome serious people that are interested in this martial art to come and try HAPKIDO.


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Instructor Joseph Corchado

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(615) 995-6643



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